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At Generations Medical Center, we pride ourselves on being the authority on women’s care in Wasilla, AK. Our team seeks to educate our patients and their families on their bodies from external sources and our own. In the end, our patients learn more because we provide them with reliable resources regarding our own forms and policies, as well as external resources to learn more about themselves outside the office.


Obstetric Danger Signs
Report any of the following to the doctor or clinic, or go immediately to the hospital:
  • Blood or fluid from the vagina.
  • Vomiting for 24 hours.
  • Severe headache.
  • Sudden swelling of the face, hands or ankles.
  • Fever over 100.5 F.
  • Unusual problems with your eyes: blurring of vision or spots before your eyes.
  • Sharp or continuing pain in the stomach area.
  • Pain or burning when passing urine.


Walking, hiking, elliptical, and swimming are the best forms of exercise during pregnancy.
  • Use caution with yoga, pilates, weights, etc.
  • Avoid over stretching, as you are more prone to joint injuries.
  • Do not let your heart rate exceed 130 bpm. If you can’t talk at a normal level during exercise then you are working too hard.
  • Your exercise should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Then rest for no less than 20 minutes, which you can use for stretching as long as your heart rate returns to normal.


Jogging & running: Refer to your provider with questions.
  • Hunting & fishing: You need to talk to your provider at your next visit, or call the office before going out.
  • No snowmachining, four wheeling, etc..
  • No horseback riding
  • No snowboarding, skiing, rollerblading, etc.
  • No bike riding after 20 weeks.
  • No contact sports i.e. football, wrestling, hockey etc.
  • No amusement park, fair and/or carnival rides.
  • No hottubs, saunas, or tanning beds. Baths are fine.
If you have any questions about any other activities feel free to call the office.
It is ok to get your hair done while you are pregnant, however, sense of smell is heightened which may make you nauseated. It is also ok to get your nails done while you are pregnant. Make sure the area is well ventilated.  


This is most likely to occur if your stomach is empty. Eat small frequent meals, possibly six times daily. Don’t let your stomach get empty.

Don’t eat greasy, fatty or spicy food. Drink small sips of liquid before or an hour after meals, not with meals. If you do get nauseous, lie down with your head on pillows and open a window to get fresh air.

Be sure to let the clinic or doctor know if your nausea or vomiting doesn’t go away or seems to get worse.


Eat high-fiber foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables; whole grain breads; high fiber cereals; and beans, such as kidney and pinto beans. Drink plenty of liquids. Try to increase your activity, such as walking. Don’t use laxatives.


Dizziness can be caused by the growing uterus pressing on major blood vessels, which causes a blood pressure drop and also by changes in your hormones. When rising from bed or a chair, rise slowly and sit at the edge for a few minutes before standing. Also, try some deep breathing. Avoid low blood sugar by eating five or six small meals a day.


“Heartburn” is a burning felt in your chest, but it has nothing to do with the heart. Food does not move out of your stomach as fast as it did before you became pregnant. Stomach acid can “back up” into your esophagus. You may taste a little sour fluid in your mouth. To help relieve heartburn:

  • Avoid greasy and spicy foods.
  • Avoid large meals, especially right before going to bed.
  • Sleep propped up, with your head elevated.
  • Sip milk.
  • See medication list. For heartburn in pregnancy.



  • Do eat healthy, nutritious, well-balanced foods.
  • Do avoid alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks and caffeine.
  • Do continue to exercise or start an easy exercise program if it’s okay with your doctor or midwife – but do not lift anything that could strain your abdominal muscles.
  • Do plan to visit your dentist during your pregnancy. Tell your dentist you are pregnant so that precautions can be taken if X-rays are necessary.
  • Do try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Do continue to use your car’s safety belt.
  • Do consult your doctor before you take any medications. Many drugs, including herbal supplements can cross the placenta and can hurt your baby.
  • Do take a prenatal vitamin. Taking it with a snack at bedtime can minimize potential nausea.

  • DON’TS

  • DON’T smoke during pregnancy. If you feel that is impossible, get help or cut down to a bare minimum. It has been proven that smoking contributes to miscarriages and retards fetal growth.
  • DON’T clean your cat’s litter box. Cat’s feces carry toxoplasmosis, a potentially fatal fetal disease. Raw meat also carries the disease, so don’t feed it to your cat and don’t eat raw meat.
  • DON’T use alcohol or drugs of any sort, even nonprescription medications, unless your doctor says otherwise. This includes aspirin, laxatives, nose drops, cold remedies, antacids, sleeping pills and topical medications.
  • DON’T begin a reducing diet now unless your doctor has planned it for you.
  • DON’T panic should you find you’re spotting – just call your doctor right away. A small amount of spotting is common for many women in the first trimester.
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    Insurance Providers 

    Generations Medical Center wants to work with you and your insurance company. As of now, we accept most major insurance companies and are in-network with the following:

    Full List of Providers:

    • Aetna

    • Cigna

    • First Choice Health

    • Logistic Health 

    • Medicaid 

    • Medicare

    • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska 

    • Moda

    • Multiplan PHCS

    • Tricare 

    • Triwest

    • United Health Care

    • VA 

    We do not accept Alaska Native Services. If you have a question or want to check if we accept your insurance, please call us. 

    Our Office & Billing Policies

    Late Arrivals

    Patients arriving 15 minutes late will be rescheduled to the next available appointment time.

    Urgent After-Office Hours Needs

    If you’re having a medical emergency, please seek care at the closest Emergency Room. Pregnant, surgical, and infertility patients who need to reach one of our providers after office hours may do so by contacting our office and speaking to the answering service who will contact the provider on call. Please notify the answering service if your question is related to infertility treatment. For all other calls, please contact us during normal business hours.

    Prescription Refills

    Please bring your pill bottles to appointments and review dosing with your doctor. We ask that you request any needed refills at your visit. If you forget something, please allow us 48 to 72 hours for phone refills.

    Test Results

    You will be notified of any abnormal lab result within 24 hours of the provider reviewing the report. We will send you a letter about normal Pap smear results. We do not call patients with normal labs. Please note you may receive a separate bill from the laboratory for processing the lab specimen.

    Health Plan Participation

    Generations Medical Center accepts most major insurance companies and is a preferred provider with Blue Cross, Aetna, and Cigna, as well as a participating provider with Medicaid, Tricare, and Medicare. We do not accept Alaska Native Services.

    Financial Responsibility

    Generations Medical Center will bill your insurance as a courtesy. However, you are responsible for your portion of your bill (for example, co-pays, deductibles, services not covered by your health plan, etc.) at the time of your visit. Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, checks, cash, and care credit. NSF checks are subject to a $35 processing fee. Our billing department is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may contact the billing department directly at (907) 357-4981 option 4. Remember you have a contract with your insurance and it is your responsibility to know your policy. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding deductibles, co-payments, covered charges, secondary insurance, usual and customary charges, etc., other than to supply factual information as necessary.

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